Human Sex, Organ And Slave Trafficking

This is a memo I received the other day. I met with Valerie to discus this. I will have a future post on our discussion. Human sex, organ and slave trafficking is a multi-billion dollar underground industry. Many big names, corporations and government entities worldwide are involved. This is the one business that trying to break it can get you killed! Trust me on this...


If you want to help the people of Haiti for real you need to read the following information and be on the National Conference Call this Saturday Morning February 15 at 10:30 Eastern Standard Time. We The Kids Moms has chosen to help a family caring for 13 orphaned, escaped or abandoned children being cared for by a Haitian family, the Nicksons. Our guest speaker is Valerie Dirksen, the most trusted American to the Haitian people. Her account and evidence of Trafficking in Persons is shocking. Agents of the US Department of Homeland Security have called her knowledge of Haiti and trafficking "Encyclopedic". Valerie will expose the raw and ugly hidden secrets of TIP.

More than 80% of Aid Money to Haiti is stolen and/or money laundered. North of 18 Billion dollars is unaccounted. Haiti is possibly the international center of human trafficking especially of children. Children are sold and hired out for every degenerate and heinous purpose which you can possibly imagine. Valerie Dirksen has spent nine years collecting evidence of what is happening with Aid Money, networks of traffickers, Government involvement by politicians and bureaucrats, the involvement of major church denominations, NGOs, benevolent associations, and organizations claiming to help victims but are actually mercenaries capitalizing on the human suffering of Trafficking in Persons (TIP).

Valerie Dirksen is by marriage the great niece of the late Senator Everett Dirksen (R) Illinois Senate Minority Leader who wrote the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 1968 and got it passed against heavy resistance from Democrats!!! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. worked closely with Senator Dirksen. Valerie’s parents are close friends of the William F. Buckley family. Val can be contacted through Phone: 678-313-8437 and e-mail: If you really want to help in these matters and/or help support true efforts to help victims where your money really goes to help the victims. And not enrich the administrators, talk to Valerie and get behind ICRAS8 (International Children’s Rights Advocates Society). Val is the person who put together the more than sufficient evidence for Interpol to issue the arrest warrants for Michael Geilenfeld, the heavily Clinton connected gay pedophile US citizen illegal orphanage operator with primary operations in Haiti and the DR and elsewhere in Latin America. Talk to Val to get behind true support for victims. and phone: 678-313-8437

We have a conference meeting, Saturday morning (2/15/2020) at 10:30 AM EST. Dial-in number (US): (515) 604-9099
Access code: 993-522-923#

Valerie Dirksen will be speaking about what the Nickson family is doing in Haiti, and the kids that are abandoned on the streets in Haiti.

Valerie G. Dirksen, President International Children's Rights Advocate's Society (ICRAS)/President Executive Real Estate Services, Inc./Associate Broker - Chapman Hall Professionals.

As a long-time Rotarian, past club president, and three-time Paul Harris Fellow, Valerie Dirksen has deep roots as a humanitarian.  Her introduction to Haiti was January 12, 2010, the day the earth shook Haiti.  Her vast international business experience in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean has led her to help victims of sex tourism and sex trafficking.  She has advocated for a group of orphans who were abused by an American who operated several orphanages for over 30 years.

During this process of securing the predator's arrest warrant, she learned this problem is not limited to Haiti, it is a worldwide problem.  She has put all her resources into helping the victims of these heinous crimes become survivors with a vision to end the global crime of Trafficking in Persons (TIP) so it is only known in the archives of history.

Valerie has spent countless hours advocating and raising awareness of the issue of sex trafficking and exploitation.  ICRAS works on the 4 "P "s: prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnership.    ICRAS is a resource for the community to learn, engage and volunteer and the website is

This experience has inspired her to write a book to shed light on this problem.  She is a linguist and fluent in English, German, Dutch, and has a working knowledge of French and Spanish.


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